Airport Services

Flight Finder
Discover any scheduled flight from and to Malta International Airport here. 

Airport Lounges
Malta International Airport offers two luxury lounges for passengers who want a little extra privacy and comfort while they travel. Travellers departing from Malta can make use of the La Valette Club Lounge in the Departures area, while new arrivals at the airport enjoy a separate lounge accessed through the Baggage Reclaim area. La Valette Club Lounges feature comfortable sofas, complementary snacks and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), TVs, flight monitors, wifi, Internet terminals, newspapers and magazines. You can find out more, make a booking, or become a La Valette Club member by clicking here.

Conference Facilities
Whether you’re travelling or not, Malta International Airport is a great place to do business. The Conference area within the airport has comfortable seating for up to 80 people, equipped with Wifi access, the latest teleconferencing technology, and on-site support. The space is ideal for training sessions, conventions, special events or meetings.

VIP Terminal
For even greater privacy and ease of transit, Malta International Airport’s VIP Terminal offers the shortest and easiest route between you and your flight. The VIP Terminal is accessed separately from the main airport building and is reserved for one travelling party at a time. Here, passengers can relax in a comfortable private lounge right on the runway and avoid queuing and crowds completely. Find out more or make a booking by clicking here. 

Weather Service
Malta International Airport also operates Malta’s only Meteorological Office, providing information to aircraft making use of Malta’s Flight Information Region as well as to the maritime industry, media, agricultural and fishing industries and the public. Get the latest weather update here.

Filming and Photography at Malta International Airport
Malta International Airport has featured in a handful of films, adverts and other media over the years. However, since the airport is a busy place handling millions of passenger movements each year, there are operational and security constraints which mean that getting a filming permit is not always easy. We take great care to ensure that our airport’s security is not compromised and that our passenger’s convenience and comfort are not disrupted in any way by filming activities. If you are interested in recording footage or taking photos at the airport, you can apply for permission by filling out the form here. Terms and conditions together with fees for using the airport as a location may apply.

Shop and Dine at MIA
Malta’s only airport has a thriving shopping & dining scene which includes over forty outlets spread across the Landside and Airside areas, as well as SkyParks Business Centre. There’s plenty to do whether you’re travelling or just visiting for convenient shopping and a quick snack. For a list of shopping outlets click here