Distribution Support – Pre announcement

As part of the Government’s strategy that aids and fosters the local film industry and as part of Malta’s internationalisation strategy for the cultural and creative sectors; the Malta Film Commission together with the Arts Council Malta will be launching a match funding programme for feature film distribution.  The objectives of this grant will be to aid local film makers to distribute completed Maltese feature films. Distribution support is essential to raise the international profile and to advance and foster a wider international distribution of Maltese Films. The amount provided will be determined with regard to estimated gross receipts, the proposed use of the funds and the strategy for the entire release.

Details regarding this new funding grant will be made available on the 28th of December.  Relevant guidelines, criteria and application form for Distribution Support for features films can be found and downloaded from the Malta Film Commission website All applications are to be submitted to the MFC, by hand, by 12 noon on Monday, 16th January 2017.