The Malta Film Commission receives a number of enquiries about filming in the Malta so we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

What financial incentives are available?
Malta offers a 27% rebate on eligible costs, subject to state approval. The basic rate is 25% plus an additional 2% for productions with a Maltese cultural element. The incentives take the form of a cash grant given to eligible productions on qualifying expenditure incurred in Malta. Post production is also an eligible cost capped at 150K euro. The island has also launched a co production fund aimed at encouraging local production companies to become involved in international projects, offering development and production grants.

In there a minimum spend requirement?
The minimum spend is of 100K.

Are the incentives easy to combine with those in other territories?
Our incentives take the form of a cash rebate on qualifying costs incurred in Malta. The cash rebate is given upon presentation of the audit reports after six months.

Can incoming TV productions and commercials access the incentives?
The financial guidelines cover TV productions, mini-series, animation and documentaries, which are all eligible provided they are partially produced in Malta.

What are the major film studios in the territory?
The Mediterranean Film Studios have high-quality water tanks with natural ocean-view as a backdrop. The studio space is 90,000 square feet.

What are the key locations?
Malta’s Grand Harbour and the water tanks facility are regarded by many as the best in the World, in addition there is the unique Maltese architecture and a clear blue sea surrounding the island. Located at Fort Ricasoli is ‘Roman Road’, which has been used to film numerous features and television series.

Do incoming productions need to bring their own crew?
Malta boasts a large, highly trained workforce with experience throughout various film departments so bringing your own foreign crew may not be necessary.

How do I find Maltese crew?
For any production considering filming in Malta, the Malta Film Commission is able to provide tailored lists of Maltese crew who have worked on recent inward investment films. Email or telephone +356 2180 9135

Do crews speak English?
Everyone in Malta speaks English along with a good level of Italian. Productions from France, Germany and Russia have also filmed locally with ease.

Is the Film Industry or the Maltese crew unionised?
The Industry and Crew are not unionised in Malta.

What type of equipment is available in Malta?
Malta has a number of lighting suppliers and studios that are experienced in renting lighting and grip equipment to audio-visual productions and have a broad product list, including an extensive generator supply. Certain lighting gear may however not be available in Malta and would have to be shipped from overseas.

Is it a requirement to engage a film service provider in Malta?
Yes. A list of service providers is available on this site

Do you require a special permit to film in Malta?
Production companies or individuals filming in Malta require a permit. Filming activities happening at a public location must obtain a permit from the Government Property Division however filming in specific areas such as palaces, forts, towers, beaches and any other protected sites requires special permits from various Government Entities. The Malta Film Commission will facilitate the procedures to apply for these permits.

Are there props available in Malta?
There is an extensive depot of period props available for rental in Malta. Most of the props were manufactured or purchased in 2008, and include carts, statues, moulds, market stalls, urns and pottery, ropes, furniture, fabrics and miscellaneous items ranging from torches to scrolls to plastic stones. The props are also available to productions shooting outside the island.

What is the VAT % in Malta?
Value Added Tax in Malta stands at 18% and is fully refundable to productions on all goods and services. For certain supplies a reduced VAT rate is applicable, including a 7% rate for hotel accommodation

First point of contact
The Malta Film Commission is your first key point of contact for productions looking to film in the Maltese islands.