Film tourism is defined as a genre within tourism that provides a link with the location of a film or a TV series – during or after the shooting. The film tourist is attracted by the first-hand experience of the locality captured on the silver screen. Within the last decade the importance of Film Tourism has grown exponentially and it has also gained increasing attention from academics and the industry alike. 

In this respect, the Malta Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Malta Film Commission, will be holding a seminar to introduce this subject and delve into its importance to the tourism industry.

The seminar will focus on the tourism–inducing effects of film productions, on the film location tourists and the on-site experiences of these tourists themselves. By understanding the needs and wants of film location tourists, film can be utilised as a successful and sustainable instrument within strategic destination marketing portfolios. Film tourism represents a gateway to new and more intense ways of experiencing destinations. At the same time it creates the potential for new communities by way of an exchange of insights, knowledge and experience among the tourists themselves.

To the modern destination, film tourism represents novel ways of reaching their audience, nationally as well as internationally. Both the film industry and the tourist trade make a living from creating experiences. When combining the two approaches, there is potential for considerable synergy – with a prospective scope of advertising, branding and PR values that only few destinations would otherwise be able to afford. Once a destination pops up on screen, this creates a wealth of opportunities for the local business community, provided that the relevant players cooperate.

This seminar will be addressed by local and international film experts who will present the topic of film tourism and the important criteria involved in its marketing. It will also explain the needs of film tourists, and present examples from the best global practices with regards to communication and product. The speakers will also discuss the approach that Malta should take to seize the opportunities provided by film tourism and thus reap the benefits by way of increased growth and job creation.

View detailed program of the seminar FILM TOURISM SEMINAR PROGRAMME 30TH NOV 2015

In order to confirm your participation to this event, kindly reply to this e-mail including your name, designation and company name by not later than 14th November 2015. Owing to limited seating capacity, and in order to keep proceedings at a level where interaction between speakers and audience is possible, registration will be on a first come first served basis. Whilst the MTA is offering you this seminar free of charge, only parties who have registered beforehand will be guaranteed a seat at the seminar.

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