Fort Ricasoli

The Fort has been greatly used as a location for feature films and TV productions. For the production of Julius Caesar (2002) a  set, dubbed the ‘Roman Road’ was built. This has been retained, altered and adapted for the filming of several subsequent features. The colossal sets for Gladiator (2000), Troy (2004) and Agora (2009) were all built within Fort Ricasoli where Rome, Troy and Alexandria respectively were recreated. The 70,000sqm fortress also contains some wonderful interiors with some unique curtain walls, bastions, ravelins and corridors. Its huge stores can house all the different departments of a film. The Malta Film Commission manages the Fort and any further information, including the booking of the Fort can be obtained from the MFC.

For further information, including the reservation of the fort for filming purposes, please email Ms Lyona Xuereb: