Location Library

For over 89 years the Maltese islands have hosted some of the most renowned film makers in the world. Since 1925, when ‘Sons of the Sea’ was the first feature film to be shot in Malta, the island has welcomed hundreds of different productions which were partly or entirely filmed here. Malta has captured the imagination of some of the world’s top directors portraying Malta as a double for a myriad of locations and spanning from the modern times to ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt. Malta is a bourgeoning film location, an archipelago in the southern tip of Europe with a strong film legacy attracting film productions from around the world. From street movies to battle fields and underwater sceneries, Malta acts as a unique backdrop for any type of production.

From prehistoric structures, ancient landscapes and impenetrable fortresses to high baroques cities and contemporary urban settings, Malta is a truly magnificent destination to filmmakers. The Malta Film Commission has put together an online location library which contains a growing collection of photos of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

The available images will give you an idea of the variety of locations available on the Maltese islands.