Major International TV production to be shot in Malta – ITV filming new gameshow at the film studios in Kalkara

One of the main broadcasters in the UK, ITV, has selected Malta as the prime location for all the water games of their new show ‘Cannonball’. ITV has already issued a call for contestants across the UK. All the focus will be on Malta as the Malta Film Studios in Kalkara will be set up for the variety of water based challenges.

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that 2017 has already started off on a very good note with back to back productions.  This industry is injecting millions of euros into the local economy over a relatively short period of time. Malta will also benefit from the exposure it will get on each episode being aired on ITV’s networks. ITV’s call for contestants already mentions the fact that the show will be “filmed in stunning Malta”. This is very good case of ‘screen tourism’, where tourists will be encouraged to come to Malta thanks to the film and TV industry.

Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech, said that the vision of diversifying the industry to cater for TV productions, is reaping dividends.  Game shows like Cannonball, require exactly the same infrastructure like big films. They generate a lot of work for local film crews and all the companies that directly or indirectly give a service to the film industry.