Tax Credits

Investment aid for audio-visual facilities is available under the Malta Enterprise Act. The aid is offered in the form of tax credits to a qualifying company in respect to an initial investment project in relation to qualifying expenditure.

Tax credits are computed as a percentage of either the value of capital investment or the value of wages for 24 months, covering new jobs created as a result of an investment project. Facilities for filming and audio-visual productions qualify for investment tax credits.

Qualifying enterprise must be engaged solely in eligible activities as established by the Incentive Guidelines which include:

• the production (through scriptwriting, casting, shooting, directing and editing) of audio-visual productions, which includes: feature films, television films, advertisements and documentaries.
• the operation and provision of facilities and equipment (such as film studios, audio-visual editing facilities and filming equipment) required in the production of feature films, television films, advertisements and documentaries.
• the operation of a sound studio.
• The development of digital audio-visual media and digital games.

Undertakings engaged in broadcasting of audio-visual content to live audiences though any media channels and/or engaged in programming and broadcasting activities are not considered eligible.

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