Water Tank Facilities

10001256_1413822105539535_617015397_o (1)Malta is best known for its equipped water tanks at the Mediterranean Film Studios, which are amongst the largest in the world, and one of the very few to operate with a natural sea horizon as a backdrop. Malta’s water tanks are superior, in the 50 years that they have been used for film production extensive experience has grown in all manner of production including: water SFX, scale-model making, boat building and general set construction. The Mediterranean Film Studios have an outstanding track record for their reliable and efficient studio.

The Mediterranean Film Studios has served over 200 productions, from features, TV productions / series to documentaries, commercials, music videos and photo shoots. Productions filmed at MFS include, amongst others Captain Phillips (2013), Kon-Tiki (2012), Troy (2004), Swept Away (2002), White Squall (1996), U-571 (2000), Raise the Titanic (1980).

The facilities offer three specialist Water Tanks that have a studio space of 90,000 square feet.

Surface Marine Tank
400.3ft x 301.8ft x 6ft depth / 122m x 92m x 1.8m

Deep Water Marine Tank
354.3ft diameter down to 162ft at a depth of 36.1ft / 108m diameter down to 49m at a depth of 11m

Covered Insert Tank
50ft x 30ft x 12ft deep / 15.2m x 9.1m x 36m

Production companies interested to film at the water tanks or require office space facilities can contact the Malta Film Commission for further information.

Tonno Nostromo, Shallow T. shoot 2010